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How to Look Sexy in a Scarf

By: A.M. Garrison

Looking sexy is all about how you carry yourself. Bless the Earth as you traverse it. Stand strong and exude personality. Laugh with your whole heart. Frame all of this with your own personal application of fashion by wearing clothes the way only you could.

Each item we create at TKINK becomes something new the moment you touch it. Only you can emit the energy that you provide. The application of yourself and your personality turns a silhouette into a completely unique 3-D form.

Rock every piece like it is a masterpiece. Versatility is key to showing the many different facets of yourself, so feel free to mix it up when it comes to the way you display your style. 

tkink silk scarf head wrap male modelStart simple: Let’s explore the many approaches to being sexy in only a scarf. A simple patterned scarf gives you a myriad of options! From neck wrapping to dress drapery, scarves are the ultimate Transformer of the fashion world.

Wrap it around your head for a gorgeous look that frames and highlights your face or even tie it around your chest to create a bra. Each application of this piece of fabric shows a unique side of you. Try some of these looks:

tkink silk scarf dress

tkink silk scarf dress back view

Create a dress by tying your scarf in a knot betwixt your breasts and letting it flow. This look exudes confidence and lets you float around like a greek goddess. Create a slit to show off or hide as much skin as you'd like. Own it!

tkink silk scarf wrapped around neck Drape your scarf around your neck and use the additional fabric to create a faux top while still showing some skin.

tkink silk scarf skirtTuck the corners into a nice pair of pants or a skirt to create a bit of stability and go out into the world with the energy of a runway model.

tkink silk scarf skirtTie your scarf around your waist to turn it into a skirt and have fun with it. Start with a simple pencil skirt, wrapped tightly around your legs. Experiment with folding to create asymmetrical looks. Use pins to create pleats. Have fun and look great in creative ways.

Use your scarf to play a game of peek-a-boo with your partner. Use it to show only what you want and deny them what they want. Tease them until they can no longer resist you.

tkink silk scarf dressCreate a dress with your scarf by wrapping it around your body and tying it around your neck. This will create a fantastic figure hugging look that caresses you everywhere. 

tkink silk scarf shoulder coverWrap yourself up in your scarf at home and just exist. Feel comfortable in an already comfortable space. If it falls off, who cares? Just enjoy the feel of the fabric.

tkink silk scarf cover upRock a sarong at the beach by tying it around your waist over your swimwear. This is such a simple, yet elegant look that can bring a pop of color to your ocean vibes. 

tkink silk scarf cover upIt doesn't stop there. You can use your scarf as a cape for an air of creative sophistication or as a belt for functionality and flair. Use it as a fashionable hijab. Make a blanket, use it as bedding, or turn it into a flag or decorative drapery.  Lay it down at the park and have a picnic. Use the natural silk material to ward out airborne diseases by creating a mask. Get rough with it and use it to tie up or blindfold your partner.

Ultimately, looking sexy is about being creative in your own way. Keep exploring looks and you will find what works for you!

tkink silk scarf dress cover upDid we miss any applications you can tkink of?

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