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One of the attractions of the clutch is its theatricality; everyone with a clutch instantly becomes a starlet. The very fact that you have to hold it means that you are very conscious of its position; clutches are ostentatious, designed to draw the eye: a clutch requires performance. Princess Diana, famously used her clutch to cover her cleavage when emerging from cars or situations where a high angle photograph might result in an undesirable image. Arguably though, using the clutch in this way actually served to draw attention rather than deflect it. Contemporary royal, Kate Middleton, resolutely holds her clutch with both hands in front of her midriff. This rather unflattering stance means that she doesn’t have to shake hands with anyone: etiquette requires a royal to extend their hand to you before you shake hands with them. Unless you are going to balance it on your head or clench it between your teeth there are essentially five ways to hold a clutch bag. Hold it at the bottom, like a newspaper. It’s a secure way to hold the bag and it leaves you one hand free. Hold with both hands in front of the body. This should always be a transitional position, if you stay like this all evening it just looks like you don’t want to play. Hold it at the end. Super casual: ‘What, this old thing?’ Just be sure that you’re confident about that fastening. Hold it at the top with your index finger extended. The clutch now becomes a much more gestural device, think Sherlock Holmes and his pipe. Under your arm. When you really do have to tuck into that plate of yummy food. Again, a transitional position, otherwise you’ll be in danger of looking like one side of you is paralysed. Source


Genuine textured leather
Hand Painted edges
Printed with eco-friendly inks Linned

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