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Muslins were originally made of cotton only. These were very thin, transparent, delicate and feather light breathable fabrics. There could be 1000-1800 yarns in warp. Some varieties of muslin were so thin that they could even pass through the aperture of a lady finger-ring.

And in case you're into cooking, muslin can be used as a filter: In a funnel when decanting fine wine or port to prevent sediment from entering the decanter To separate liquid from mush (for example, to make apple juice: wash, chop, boil, mash, then filter by pouring the mush into a muslin bag suspended over a jug) To retain a liquidy solid (for example, in home cheese-making, when the milk has curdled to a gel, pour into a muslin bag and squash between two saucers (upside down under a brick) to squeeze out the liquid whey from the cheese curd) Muslin is the material for the traditional cloth wrapped around a Christmas pudding.

Muslin is the fabric wrapped around the items in barmbrack, a fruitcake traditionally eaten at Halloween in Ireland. Muslin is a filter in traditional Fijian kava production. Beekeepers use muslin to filter melted beeswax to clean it of particles and debris. Source

70% Cotton / 30% Silk Twill Fabric 1.59oz
Clean Edges
Hand Washable
Digitally printed with silk reactive Inks

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